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After Sales Service

Sun Solar Techno Limited´s commitment with customers does not end when a product is supplied; it goes on long after the sale. The Sun Solar Techno Limited After-sales Service consists of a highly skilled team of professionals who offer a quality, fast, efficient service to fulfill customers´ requirements, providing the necessary solutions to meet their needs.

Sun Solar Techno Limited offers two channels for customer care service:

● A form for customers to complete with the details of the incident. On receipt of the form, the Sun Solar Techno Limited After-sales Department will keep the customer informed on the situation and progress made thereon.
● An e-mail address so that customers can contact the After-sales Department directly at:

Sun Solar Techno Limited offers an on-going service through these channels, giving advice and clarifying doubts and incidents on products after they have been sold.

In this way, Sun Solar Techno Limited upholds its commitment with the customer from the first day of their contact and it never ends.

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